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Resumes and more! 68% of job seekers with professionally crafted resumes found jobs within 90 days (Talent Inc., 2019). Our low to no-cost services assist with resume creation/revamps, cover letters, mock interviews, resignation letters, and job search help. All services include a consultation. Our Founder, Charlise Walker-Resume Writer, constructs our Career Services. It doesn't matter where you are in the USA, we can assist you. When you pay for this service, you are paying it forward to help someone else #bejobready. 

For Resume/Cover letter Services

  1. Pay for the service. Debit and credit card payments are accepted.

  2. We will reach via email on your payment form to schedule your consultation. Evening appointments are available.

  3. You may download the Resume Worksheet for reference.

  4. Your resume will be completed in 48-72 hours.

  5. If you would like to schedule a mock interview or 5 FREE copies of your resume, please email us at

This service is for teenagers, young adults, and entry-level workers. If you would like professional services, visit Lise's Business Enterprise.

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We will not knowingly create false/fake resumes/cover letters. If you have any questions or concerns please go to the home tab and fill out contact information at the bottom of the page. No refunds.


Basic Career Services Package 

Package includes basic cover letter, resume, and editable reference page.

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Resume copies on resume paper

Even if we have not prepared a resume for you in the past, email us your resume 


Resume Creation and Consultation

This is for people that do not have a resume and would like one created.

Career Services prices do not delete (2).png

Teen Resume Creation or Revamp

For teenagers, high school students, or recent high school graduates. Required to provide current valid High School ID or valid State Issued ID.


Resume Revamp and Consultation

This is if you have a current resume and you would like a total make over of it. 


Teen Resume Templates

For teenagers, high school students, or recent high school graduates.

Lise's Business Enterprise link

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Basic Cover letter

Cover letter is a brief invitation to your resume. 


Resignation Letter. Construct a letter to provide to your current employee to resign properly. Consult on the best strategy to do this properly.