Excel Program: Workshops & Skills Training

The Excel Program are virtual workshops & skills training designed to enhance our client’s knowledge with career readiness skills to help set the expectations for basic job preparations, life skills building, and resource tools.


Our e-Learning workshops will educate teenagers and adults on the expectations and processes job/career resources, credit literacy, skills training and more. These workshops are self-paced and once registered you will receive a workbook.  Workshops are accessible all year round. We currently have two eLearning workshops. Texas Teen Job Prep Workshop for teenagers 14-17 years old and Educational Credit Literacy Workshop is for ages 16 and up. There is a registration fee per workshop.


The Be Job Ready Skills Training program enables those to have the highest chance of success in landing a job and maintain employment. This skills training program helps with empowering opportunity youth (16-24 years old) with job prep knowledge, soft skills, hard skills, life skills, tools, and resources.  We organized and put together this virtual e-learning program that utilizes a few leaders in our community to lead skills training modules, incorporating reliable training videos, and other materials. At the end of training, attendees will be equipped with a cover letter and resume, interview clothes from our Casual Closet and bus/train vouchers from our GYT Transportation, access to workshops, optional certification, and one on one mentoring. Currently this program is sponsored, limited spots available.

Our workshops & skills training are virtual e-learning presentations/modules that are self paced.  Registration is open all year round. These e-learnings are easily accessible from your computer, tablet, laptop, or a cellphone. Click on the workshop or skills training link below to get registered. 

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