Excel Program: Workshops & Skills Training

The Excel Program are eLearning workshops & skills training designed to enhance our client’s knowledge with career readiness. We help set the expectations for basic job preparations, life skills building, and resource tools. Registration is available all year round.


Currently, we have two eLearning workshops. Our Texas Teen Job Prep Workshop is for Texas resident teenagers 14-17 years old. Our Educational Credit Literacy Workshop is for U.S. residents ages 16 and up. These workshops are self-paced and have workbooks. There is a registration fee.

The Be Job Ready Skills Training program enables those enrolled to improve their skills & provide pertinent resources. 94% of hiring managers believe employees with stronger soft skills have a better chance of getting hired or promoted than a well-experienced employee with limited soft skills (Forbes, 2017). This eLearning skills training empowers opportunity youth (16-24 years old) with soft skills, hard skills, and life skills. At the end of training, participants will be equipped with a cover letter, resume, and new interview clothes. Participants in Dallas County will be eligible for local bus/train vouchers. All participants will have FREE access to our skills training catalog and one-on-one mentoring. Currently this program is sponsored, limited spots available.

Our workshops & skills training are virtual e-learning are self paced. These e-learnings are easily accessible from your computer, tablet, laptop, or a cellphone. Click on the workshop or skills training link below to get registered.